In-House Services

Klein Orthodontics is equipped to handle nearly all aspects of your treatment in-house for your convenience.

Orthodontic Lab

Our ultra-talented lab technician, Christy, fabricates 99% of the retainers and appliances we use right here in our office.  She is an expert in blending her artisitic ability with the numerous state-of-the-art technologies we feature on-site.  Christy and our whole clinical team are also advanced in impression-less Invisalign setup with our iTero digital scanners.  The result of this expertise means a better fit, more comfort, less hassle, faster service, and an overall more enjoyable experience. 

Insurance & Billing

Our insurance expert, Katie, and financial coordinator, Debbie, are happy to help with any questions regarding your orthodontic treatment.  These ladies are adept at managing cutting edge technologies, while providing a genuine, personal touch. They help make the flow of financial information across automated and personalized channels both secure and seamless.

Actual Patient