Meet Dr. Joseph Hudgins

The specialty of orthodontics is a wonderful profession; there is a great mix of people of all ages and from all walks of life. There is never a dull day. The challenge of helping people attain positive changes in their life, and working with a great team, makes me very proud of what I have accomplished over the past 25 years. — Dr. Joe Hudgins

Joe Hudgins was raised in the Carbondale/Murphysboro area. After earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois, a dental degree from Northwestern University, and his specialty in orthodontics from the University of Nebraska in 1989, Dr. Hudgins joined the Navy, lived in South Carolina, then later in Japan. In 1992, Dr. Hudgins returned to Southern Illinois and associated with Dr. Fred Nolen, and ten years after that with Dr. John Phelps, to create a long-lasting legacy in Southern Illinois orthodontics. 

Together with his wife Lane, they are raising three boys along with an English bulldog, a Newfoundland, and a cat.

When not working, Dr. Hudgins is a member of the board of education at Carbondale Community High School, is part of Boy Scout Troop 66 as troop committee chairman, and himself an Eagle Scout. Improving the place you live is the motto Dr. Hudgins lives by, and helping the community that has supported him over the years is important to him. Other fun things he does are traveling with his family, golf, snow and water skiing, hunting (mostly ducks and pheasants), and fishing.

Not only does Dr. Hudgins like to attend concerts, plays, musicals, and sporting events, he supports these causes in the community. Cultural activities and sports are of paramount importance to communities and schools, and keeping them thriving is a goal for Dr. Hudgins. He is a regular supporter of many school bands, dance squads, sports teams, and the All Southern Illinois High School Musical.

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