Tag-A-Teacher Appreciation Contest

Do you know a teacher you appreciate and who deserves special recognition?  Of course you do...we all do.  Teachers play a huge, central role in our enrichment individually and as an entire community.  So help us acknowledge AND reward these superstars by participating in our Tag-A-Teacher Appreciation Awards!  

What are the Rewards?

Each teacher "tagged" or mentioned will automatically be entered in our contest.  We will randomly draw three (3) winning teachers.   Each winning teacher will receive $100 and Klein Orthodontics will donate an additional $100 to the school’s PTO in their name.  

How do I Enter?

"Like" the Tag-A-Teacher Appreciation post on our Klein Orthodontics Facebook page and leave a comment telling us:

  • Your teacher's name
  • Where & what they teach
  • Why they are appreciated

Each teacher "tagged" or mentioned will be entered into a drawing for the rewards.  

I Don't Have Facebook. Can I Still Enter My Teacher?

Absolutely.  You can enter by sending an email to info@kleinbraces.com with the same information detailed in the "How Do I Enter?" section.  Please write "Teacher Appreciation" in the subject heading.  In order to keep track of the entries we will still post them to Facebook with our office account, but you won't be penalized if you can't/won't do it yourself.

The Teacher I Want to Tag Doesn't Have Facebook or Doesn't Want to Be Tagged.  Can I Still Enter My Teacher?

Definitely.  Some teachers prefer to avoid social media and that is certainly understandable.  To keep track of the entries we still ask that put the teacher's name and accolades in the Facebook comments. Teachers don't have to be actively "tagged" or have their own Facebook account to be eligible.

When is the Contest Over?

We will announce our drawing winners during National Teacher Appreciation Week (the first week of May).

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