Welcome to the Klein Orthodontics Summer Bucket List Challenge!  For 5 weeks over the summer we will be giving away buckets full of themed summer goodies.  5 weeks...5 themes...5 winners.

How to Enter

Tag us on Facebook (@kleinbraces) or Instagram (@kleinortho) in themed weekly photos or videos enjoying the popular summer activities we've selected. 

How to Win

At the end of each week we will go through all of the tagged Facebook and Instagram photos or videos.  We will be looking specifically for submissions that pertain to the theme of that particular week.  Each winner gets a bucket stocked with cool stuff that applies to the theme of that week.  Submissions featuring Klein Orthodontics swag and submissions from those who "Like" our Facebook page and/or "Follow" our Instagram page will be given preference.


Week of June 18th - Sporting Events --- A ball field is pretty much synonymous with summer.  Tag us in photos or videos of you either participating in or attending a sporting event.  Baseball, softball, dance, competitive swim, summer indoor practice, etc.  If it is a team event then be sure to shout out your team in the submission as well.

Week of June 25th - Pool & Water Fun --- Its hot...find yourself somewhere cool to relax!  Tag us in photos or videos of you enjoying any and all things water.  Pools, sprinklers, lakes, oceans, rivers, etc.

Week of July 2nd - Patriotic & 4th of July --- Be thankful for how fortunate you are to live in this country.  God bless America!  Tag us in photos or videos over Independence Day.  Flags, fireworks, family, etc.  

Week of July 9th - Yardwork & Mowing --- Summer can't be all fun and games...you've got to work for it sometimes!  Tag us in photos or videos helping with outdoor jobs for your home, church, fundraising effort, or place of employment.  Mowing, mulching, pulling weeds, washing cars, taking out trash, etc.  

Week of July 16th - Ice Cream & Snow Cones --- You've got to have a little something sweet in summertime!  Tag us in photos or videos hitting your favorite ice cream and snow cone spots.  We know ours!


* Winners will be selected at the end of each week.

* Although anyone can enter, winners will be limited to Klein Orthodontics patients.


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